Cut to the Feeling – Carly Jae Repsen

by Ana Muriel on September 16, 2018 in Song of the month

“Cut to the Feeling” starts with a sound effect that twinkles like a shooting star and is clearly an ode to “Lucky Star” by Madonna. Then, the intro bops into a kind of unusual tribal drum beat section with sparse vocals which unexpectedly ends… and then… out-of-the-blue “Cut to the Feeling” explodes into one a very infectious and uplifting choruses.

Throughout this “uplifting-inducing” experience of pure-pop perfection Jepsen is singing:

“I wanna cut through the clouds, break the ceiling.
I wanna dance on the roof, take me to the stars.
I wanna play where you play, with the angels.”

It’s a really jubilant song. Play it out when you need to drop any weird feelings and just let the sound move you.