Nourishing your Home

by Ana Muriel on September 15, 2018 in Nutrition Wellness

Home is holding you…

Art in your home, energy into your space.
A sanctuary for yourself.
Home is your bigger body.

Tend to your home as an act of grounding. Such an intimate task.
Beauty, messy permissive beauty where you can express yourself in home.

When morning starts, early sadhana putting on the first light. Being the light holder in home.
Light up a candle.

When midday continues as you work, the house holds this for you, for me.
Home is like a mother, a nurturer.
When you tend home, you tend yourself.
There is no separation. Home is an extension of you.

How was it to wake up in your childhood´s home? what are the memories…?
this is the entry to a story of Home you are holding in your heart.
Can you own this story and rewrite it if need be, and reinvent it.
Step into it.

How is it to wake up in your home now?
What are the smells, the sounds, the words said?
What memories do you recall in your present home?..

Mother your home,
recreate your story at home, and see how it nourishes your heart and those hearts around you.